Top 5 Liver Transplant Doctors in India

There are many individuals in India who are enduring structure liver sicknesses and they have need to transplant the liver. In such circumstance, finding the Best Liver Transplant Doctors in India is a troublesome errand in light of the fact that in health care industry there are many best Liver Transfer Specialist. India is seeing a rapid increase in liver transplants, and the number of skilled and seasoned surgeons who provide excellent care is high.

Best Liver Transplant Specialists in India

Here are a few names of top 5 liver transplant specialist in India. You can track down these specialists in big city of India.

  1. Dr. Arvind Singh Soin (Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon):

Dr Arvind Singh is the best liver transplant specialist in Delhi and has right around 30 years of experience. He has performed in excess of 2500 liver transplants such a long ways with a success rate of 95%.

He has performed in excess of 12000 complex liver, nerve bladder and bile channel medical procedures. He likewise has aptitude in medical procedure of numerous different sicknesses.

For example, – liver malignant growth, channel disease, malignant growth spreading in the liver, bile check, liver cancer, and so on.

Aside from being a liver transplant specialist, he is likewise the Director of the Branch of Regenerative Medication and has additionally been granted Padma Shri award for liver transplant.

Aside from this, he is likewise an individual from numerous associations like British Transplantation Board of trustees, Relationship of Specialists of India, and so on.

  • Dr. Vivek Vij (FORTIS Commemoration Exploration Foundation, GURGAON, Delhi):

Dr Vivek is an eminent liver transplant specialist from Delhi with 17 years of involvement with liver transplant. At present, he is a liver transplant specialist as well as the overseer of an examination organization.

He has successfully performed more than 2000 liver transplants. Aside from this, he has performed in excess of 350 significant liver medical procedures without blood bonding and bile spillage.

He has acquired aptitude in more than 500 non-transplant liver medical procedures. Aside from liver transplant, he has great experience with performing gastrointestinal disease medical procedure.

  • Dr. Sanjeev Saigal (MEDANTA – THE MEDICITY, GURGAON):

He is a notable liver transplant surgeon in Delhi and has a ton of involvement. He has worked as a hepatologist before. Throughout the previous 10 years, he has been driving the group in India’s biggest liver transplant program.

He has performed in excess of 1500 transplants up until this point, including both departed givers and living benefactors. He performs around 25 transplants consistently and has a success rate of over 90%.

He has immense involvement with sicknesses like liver transplant, liver disappointment, hepatitis, alcoholic liver infection, liver disease and medication actuated liver disappointment.

He has wrote a few exploration papers and has gotten many distinctions.

  • Dr. Krishna Subramanian (Worldwide Medical clinics, Chennai):

He is a notable name in the field of liver transplant in Chennai. Dr. Krishna Subramanian is the Top of the Division of Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Medical procedure at Worldwide Emergency clinics, Chennai.

He is a notable name in this field and has over 20 years of experience. He has performed hundreds of successful liver transplants and is an expert in the field.

He carries out all procedures connected with the nerve bladder, bile conduit and liver. He treats hepatitis as well as cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer of the liver.

  • Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary (BLK SUPER SPECIALITY Clinic, NEW DELHI):

He is an accomplished liver transplant specialist in Delhi. With an encounter of over 10 years, he has accomplished in excess of 1250 liver transplant medical procedures.

He has gotten exceptional preparation in liver transplant from the US.

He specializes in the treatment of liver transplant, liver cancer, pancreas, and biliary diseases and is a member of numerous prestigious organizations.

This rundown is for instructive purposes as it were. It is essential to carefully consider your requirements and preferences when selecting a doctor or hospital.

Best Liver Transplant emergency hospitals in India

Numerous emergency clinics in India play out the liver transplant strategy. Coming up next are a portion of the emergency clinics known as the best liver transplant habitats in India:

  • Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Indraprastha Apollo Clinics, Delhi
  • Gleneagles Worldwide Clinics, Chennai
  • SRM Foundation of Clinical Sciences and Exploration Medical clinic, Kanchipuram


This article assists you with getting data about the best liver transplant doctors and clinics in India, as well as gives significant data to assist you with concluding which specialist is appropriate for you.

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