Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023 in UK

Were you looking forward to the New Year’s surprise? The New Year has given you a wonderful opportunity in the Kingdom of England. The Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023 is one of the honourable opportunities that will have a lasting impact on your future career path. Students with outstanding academic records throughout their academic careers are eligible to apply. At one of the best universities in the world, this educational ladder is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Have you received a scholarship to attend Oxford University? Pack your baggage and get ready to go to England as soon as possible. The Reach Oxford Scholarship opportunity in the UK was once known as the Oxford Student Scholarship.

Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023

Oxford University has created the dreaming option for those from low-income countries who lack the funds to finish their degree. This global scholarship programme has created several options for every bright student in their school or institution. Discrimination of any kind—political, social, religious, or otherwise—is prohibited in the pursuit of this opportunity.

This option is primarily for students who, due to their rigid religious beliefs and precarious economic situations, are unable to access adequate educational resources in their own countries Oxford Student Scholarship was the previous name for this fully funded Reach Oxford Scholarship opportunity in the UK. Nobody cares about you as much as the UK does by giving you the opportunity to attend college there for free.

Objective of Reach Oxford Scholarship

The University of Oxford scholarship will help you fund the daily learning and development activities that will enable you to hone your academic expertise in a specific area of interest and set yourself up for professional careers in your future efforts. You will get the opportunity to see some of the town’s finest and oldest structures as well as examples of cutting-edge construction found right in the centre of Europe. World-class structures are available to meet your developing demands. The welcoming and environmentally responsible setting of the institution and its environs provide you the revitalising natural serenity that is urgently needed in a world beset by several dangers including continuing pandemics and climate change.

Field of Study

  • Computer Science and Philosophy
  • Earth Sciences (Geology)
  • English Language and Literature
  • English and Modern Languages
  • European and Middle Eastern Languages
  • Fine Art
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular)
  • Biology
  • Economics and Management
  • Engineering Science
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Classics
  • Classics and English
  • Classics and Modern Languages
  • Classics and Oriental Studies
  • Computer Science
  • History and Politics
  • History of Art
  • Human Sciences
  • Law (Jurisprudence)
  • Materials Science
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Modern Languages
  • History (Ancient and Modern)
  • History and Economics
  • History and English
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Music
  • Geography
  • History
  • Physics and Philosophy
  • Psychology (Experimental)
  • History and Modern Languages
  • Oriental Studies
  • Philosophy and Modern Languages
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
  • Philosophy and Theology
  • Physics
  • Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics
  • Religion and Oriental Studies
  • Theology and Religion

Selection Standards

  • Exemplary academic record
  • Driving force behind the course.
  • The dedication to moving back to your hometown when the course is over.

Deadlines for Oxford Scholarship Applications

  • You must apply through UCAS by October 15, 2022, to enrol in an undergraduate programme at Oxford University.
  • The Scholarship 2022 application deadline is February 8, 2023.

Grant Details

Academic superstars are supported by Oxford University throughout their academic careers. The University of Oxford offers freshmen enrolled in UG courses Reach Oxford Scholarships.

  • Students must submit a separate application by February 12, 2020, in order to be taken into consideration.
  • A stipend for living expenses, one round-trip flight, and course fees are all covered by the Reach Oxford Scholarship, which is available to 2-3 candidates each year.
  • For further information, prospective students should visit the University of Oxford’s official website.
  • Additionally, scholars are required to compile an annual report describing their extracurricular and academic pursuits at the university.

Selection Process

In the month of March, candidates for the Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023 will be chosen. Only those applicants with an offer and the highest academic standing are eligible for the award.

  • The primary qualifying criteria are social commitment and financial necessity.
  • Students who have never studied at the UG level previously will be given preference.
  • Email notifications will be sent to those who are chosen. The recipients must have the intention of returning home after finishing their education.

For further information, prospective students should visit the University of Oxford’s official website.

Other Important Information

  • It should be noted by applicants that not all institutions can provide Reach Oxford Scholarships each year. As a result, you can still apply for and receive a scholarship even if you are given admission to an institution that is not a part of the programme.
  •  Arrangements will be made to move you across colleges if your application is accepted.
  • An yearly report detailing the applicants’ academic, extracurricular, and academic accomplishments at the university will be required.
  • Satisfactory academic improvement must be made in order to receive the award in future years.

Eligible Criteria

  • Any student from one of the aforementioned nations may apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023.
  • Candidates with the greatest academic standing are eligible to apply.
  • An applicant who has never attended an undergraduate programme would be taken into consideration.
  • Priority will be given to those who require financial aid and are actively involved in charitable work.

How to Apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023?

  • Students who submitted an application for the undergraduate programme on the University of Oxford’s official website before October 15, 2023, may apply for further consideration.
  • An email verifying the submission of the application will be sent to each candidate.
  • Once you’ve been offered a position, make sure to go into your account before February 8th, 2023, and submit the supporting papers that were requested of you when you filled out the application.


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